421 Brew House LLC was founded in 2019 by owner and director of operations Robert Rubenok. 421 Brew House is a Canadian-based company that provides artisan coffee in unique bags, while being aware of their environmental impact. Robert had previously worked in the coffee industry for 2 years and had taken note of many areas to improve on. He recognized that the issues start at the farms and run all the way through the process to the end consumer. 421 Brew House has broken down their process to look at the impact each step of the way, from the farms they choose to work with, to the bags they package their coffee in. They also want to ensure the consumer is receiving a high end product, while being as transparent on cost and pricing. 


Farmers are often underpaid for the work they provide and the beans they produce.  At 421 Brew House they have chosen to only deal with fair trade farms, this ensures that the farmers are being paid fair prices and the farms are using sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices. Their regular bag design is something totally unique to the coffee world. The bag itself is a stand up reusable zip lock pouch. This allows them to maximize space for artwork on the front of the bag, while offering a longer lasting end product over traditional tin tie bags. Their traditional bag features a frog skeleton on the front!


Why the Frog?

Frogs are an indicator species, or bio-indicators, frogs and other amphibians are good bio-indicators because they live in both water and on land. If the ecosystem they live in is doing well, they thrive. If the ecosystem starts to suffer they often die as a result or migrate to a new habitat. For 421 Brew House the frog serves as a reminder that they have to be aware of the environmental impact of how they run their business. 

Choosing their head roasters is was a crucial decision point for 421 Brew House as that roaster needed to be able to deliver the roast profiles they wanted. Knowing that 78% of coffee is brewed with the pour-over or drip-brew method, they worked very closely with master roaster Chris Meginbir, a close friend and fellow outdoor enthusiast, to develop a series of roasts that would work both as a drip- or pour-over as well as with an espresso. They are also able to offer the final product in both whole bean and ground, to satisfy more of the consumer market. 421 does not offer any k-cup or other single-use coffee solutions, due to the high volume of single use plastics associated with these brew methods.

Featured Roasts


At 421 Brew House, they understand that traveling to the Sahara desert to watch the sunrise isn’t feasible for everyone.  That instant, when the sun breaks the horizon, warming the air, changing the sands from nightly shades of maroon to the morning’s pinks and oranges, is magnificent. They have tried to capture this moment in this breathtaking roast, which features sweet notes of mixed berries and light hints of Oolong. They feel their Sahara Sunrise roast is the closest you will come to encountering one of these sunrises outside the monumental desert in north Africa.

Region: Rwanda

Roast Type: Single Origin

Roast Level: Light

Altitude: 1600m

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Blood Orange | Oolong | Mixed Berry

Starting Price: $19.99 USD/340g


The close humidity of the rain forest, the smell of plant and wet dirt pressing on you, fog turning the trees into ghosts looming through the mist. These are the feelings we tried to capture in our Amazon Haze roast. The sweetness of the fruit hanging from the trees can be found in the notes of peach and raisins. The richness of the forest captured by the almond and chocolate undertones. This coffee will be the best part of your morning, whether you enjoy it in your home or on the go.

Region: Guatemala 

Roast Type: Single Origin 

Roast Level: Medium

Altitude: 1600m

Process: Fully Washed | Sun-dried

Tasting Notes: Peach| Almond | Raisins | Chocolate

Starting Price: $20.99 USD/340g


The morning fog rolling over the mountains, dissipating in the first rays of sun, is a breathtaking time. At 421 Brew House, they are dedicated to capturing the freshness of that moment with the rich, complex flavours of our Mountain Mist coffee. This roast captures those misty mornings with smooth notes of Swiss chocolate and is delivered fresh to your door.

Region: South America | Africa  

Roast Type: Blend

Roast Level: Medium - Dark

Altitude: 1600m

Process: Fully Washed | Patio-dried

Tasting Notes: Swiss Chocolate | Full Body | Smooth | Rich

Starting Price: $20.99 USD/340g

Shipping: Domestic and International


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