Brown Bag Coffee Roasters consists of hard working individuals that aim to bring you quality products in a timely manner, and LOVE doing what they do. 


What started as a team of one, quickly grew to two. Then four. And now they boast a 10lb Artisan XE Deluxe with a 55lb/hour roasting capacity and state of the art data collection software that allows them to capture up to 6 different readings at once. This allows repeatability ensuring they provide stunning consistency with every roast.


The Artisan XE utilizes Fluid Bed technology, bringing top notch industry standards that you have come to expect from Brown Bag Coffee Roasters. The roaster is manufactured by their partner, Coffee Crafters, recognized as producing some of the highest quality roasters using the latest technologies currently available.


There are two major technologies used to roast coffee in the world today. Drum Roasting and Fluid Bed roasting. Fluid bed is a newer technology developed in the 1970s. These machines produce a stream of heated air from below the beans allowing them to roast and remove the outer coating of the bean - called the chaff.  In traditional drum roasters more chaff remains in the drum during roasting and bakes onto the walls of the drum, which promotes carcinogenic properties roasted onto your coffee. They are able to remove and clean their roast chamber, allowing the beans to develop a much brighter flavour profile which is typically sought after in a drip, pour over or french press. Compared to drum roasters, fluid bed technology is significantly more energy efficient, allowing for less wasted energy and heat production. Each of these roasters is connected to a computer and through the use of specialized software they are able to control the amount of heat applied precisely over time.


With this specialized equipment in place, Brown Bag Coffee Roasters can dial in the exact qualities of each bean to bring out the best each has to offer.  Very few roasters can claim this the level of control over roast profiles. You can rest assured that delivering you the highest and healthiest quality coffee is their top priority!

Featured Roasts


BBCR has sourced the green beans in partnership with Cloud Forest Coffee, who has a direct relationship with a farmers’ cooperative called AACRI. The coffee cooperative was established to support efforts to conserve their environment while helping the communities develop economically. This coffee is shade grown under native trees in the pristine cloud forest of Ecuador's Rio Intag Valley. Coffee production in the area was spurred on as an economic alternative to mining activity. By purchasing these beans you support this community and their resistance to mining corporations.

Region: Intag, Ecuador

Roast Type: Single Origin

Roast Level: Light - Medium

Altitude: 1200 - 2000m

Process: Washed | Sun Dried

Tasting Notes: Caramel | Stone Fruit (Plum) | Jam

Starting Price: $11.00/227g


Mimicking the 6 month journey by ship from India to Europe at the turn of the 19th century, these coffee cherries are harvested and sun dried with the cherries on (natural). Once the flesh is removed, the seeds are crated and stored in open-walled warehouses on the South Western Malabar coast exposed to the gale forces of the Monsooned season (June - September). The salt water and wind forces emulate the journey around the Cape of Good Hope and provide an extremely unique coffee with lots of caramel and earthy notes.

Region: Malabar Coast, India

Roast Type: Single Origin

Roast Level: Light - Medium

Altitude: 800 - 1200m

Process: Natural | Monsooned

Tasting Notes: Strong | Full-Bodied | Earthy | Malt Sweet

Starting Price: $11.00/227g


Their signature blend that has taken years to perfect. Trial after trial, adjustment after adjustment has led to this; an amazingly well balanced coffee that is perfect for the espresso machine (as well as other full immersion methods: Aeropress, French Press). Consisting of Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia, the blend of single origin coffees is sure to make you smile after every sip. The BBCR Espresso suits those who wish to enjoy it black or with steamed milk and is sure to satiate that coffee craving at any given point.

Region: Brazil | Colombia | Ethiopia

Roast Type: Single Origin Blend

Roast Level: Medium

Process: Natural | Washed

Tasting Notes: Balanced Body | Milk Chocolate | Nuts | Pleasant Acidic Aftertaste

Starting Price: $10.50/227g

Shipping: Domestic only


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