Julius are coffee hunters. 


The idea behind Julius came about during a motorcycle trip between friends to celebrate the 40th birthday of one of their founders. They drove on the roads and paths of Costa Rica for several days, discovering its different regions and most famous coffee farms. Their passion for coffee led them to San Pablo in the Tarrazu region. Over the following months, the friends returned several times to develop their first coffee collection: Alt. 4785.


Following this initial success, the team at Julius decided their mission should be to continue helping people discover speciality coffees. Each of their coffees meets the highest standards of quality at every step of its transformation.


There were of course obstacles along the way, but they knew it was worth the trip. They never stopped believing, they never gave up, and they always kept dreaming. Coffee is a key part of their daily lives and it’s definitely worth the time. After all, they believe that we all deserve to drink good coffee.

Have you heard of their 'Julius Method'? From cultivation to consumption. 

[1] Selecting grains at the source - 
They get their coffee directly from the source. Visiting cultivators on their farm to identify the best coffee plants and select the best coffee cherries.

[2] Drying process -
Julius then determines the best washing or drying method to use for each type of coffee to accentuate its best features. Once dried, they privately import the coffees from Costa Rica to their roast lab located one hour south of Montreal.

[3] Roasting - 
Once the grains have arrived, they quality control the product through a series of tests. The results give them the information they need to select the right type of roasting process to conserve and highlight that coffee's best flavours and aromas.

[4] Distribution
Once the roasting is completed, many months will have gone by since the selection process. The time has now come to bag the beans and distribute them so their customers can enjoy a coffee developed with love and passion.

Featured Roasts

ALT. 4333

Alt.4333 is the result of the conscientious work of four generations of growers from the same family. Each generation has passed on their love and passion for specialty coffee to the next, ensuring that their finca is continuously recognized for the exceptional quality of its products. Grown in volcanic soil and naturally dried, Alt.4333 coffee stands out with its exquisite notes of prune, grape and citrus.

Region: Barva, Heredia, Costa Rica

Roast Type: Single Origin

Roast Level: Medium

Variety: Catuai | Catimor

Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Blueberry Prune | Grape | Citrus

Starting Price: $20.00/340g

ALT. 4700

Alt. 4700 is grown in soil that is mildly acidic and enriched with volcanic material. High in organic matter, the soil allows the roots to retain moisture and facilitates oxygenation. This invigorates the plant and is just one of the many factors that contribute to the excellent quality of this specialty coffee. The beans are harvested with extreme care and carefully selected from November to January. Imported by Julius, once this Marsellesa reaches their roast lab, it will undergo a perfect medium roast allowing its notes of chocolate, blackberry and grape to flow freely.

Region: Heredia, Getsemani, Costa Rica

Roast Type: Single Origin

Roast Level: Medium

Variety: Marsellesa

Process: Yellow Honey

Tasting Notes: Blackberries | Grape

Starting Price: $20.00/340g

ALT 4915

Alt. 4915 coffee is carefully harvested by hand in the Puriscal region of Costa Rica. It is immediately placed in barrels and deprived of oxygen for 72 hours, fostering the internal fermentation of the coffee bean. The grain is then naturally sun and air-dried. Once it arrives at their lab in Bromont, it is roasted to perfection in order to bring out its exceptional aromas. It truly is one of their favourite specialty coffees!

Region: Pluriscal, San José, Costa Rica

Roast Type: Single Origin

Roast Level: Medium

Variety: Caturra | Catuai

Process: Anaerobic | Natural

Tasting Notes: Cinnamon | Apple Pie | Dried Pineapple

Starting Price: $20.00/340g

Shipping: Domestic and International


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