Loft Coffee Co. is a small batch, single origin, specialty coffee roaster. You can find them in a barn loft  (yes, a BARN) in DeWinton, just south of Calgary Alberta, Canada.

They believe that coffee should always be fresh and that is why they mark the roast date, by hand, on each bag they send out. They are small enough to do so and are perfectly happy about that. We love them because they are not looking for world domination, they just want to roast great coffee.

They are also big believers in ‘single origin’ coffee. That means, when you purchase their coffee, you’ll be tasting the results of hardworking farmers from specific regions of various countries around the world. Some of these ‘micro-regions’ are found in very remote, small corners of the coffee growing globe.


They prefer to pay a little more, bring coffee in as green beans and roast them in small batches. That way, these coffees will be showcasing the region’s unique flavour profile! It Fruity coffee? They've got a region for that. Chocolate? Yup. Regardless of your flavour bias or roast preference, you’ll always get a freshly roasted, higher quality, great tasting coffee that’s full of that unique flavour from Loft Coffee Co..

Be sure to check out the rest of their story, and read about each of their coffees. You’ll be happy you did!

Featured Roasts


If you like dark, oily, Italian-style espresso, then this is NOT for you. Their Trailhead Espresso is a blend of single origin coffees from Brazil and Colombia. It is medium roasted, and offers upfront notes of caramel and sweetness, followed by a lingering chocolate finish. Did we mention it was smooth?

Region: Brazil | Colombia

Roast Type: Blend

Roast Level: Medium

Tasting Notes: Caramel | Chocolate 

Starting Price: $18.00/454g


About 150km north of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, sits Othaya Town, Nyeri County. There you’ll find one of the largest fully farmer-owned, Fair trade certified coffee societies in Kenya. This coffee is medium bodied, well balanced and slightly tart, showcasing the grapefruit notes. This reserve coffee is one of their best sellers and consistent favourites.

Region: Nyeri, Kenya 

Roast Type: Single Origin

Roast Level: Medium

Altitude: 1400 - 1800m

Process: Washed | Dried on raised beds

Tasting Notes: Grapefruit | Lemon | Chocolate

Starting Price: $18.00/340g


This coffee is sourced from a family-owned estate located in the municipality of La Democracia within the department of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Finca Injertal is owned and operated by Jose Alejandro Solis, a third generation coffee producer. Their Medium Roast Guatemala El Injertal/Huixoc has a buttery smooth mouthfeel, medium body and offers complex flavors of chocolate and nougat with a slight hint of orange or citrus flavours.

Region: La Democracia, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Roast Type: Single Origin

Roast Level: Medium

Altitude: 1185 - 1645m

Process: Fully Washed | Dried in the sun

Tasting Notes: Chocolate | Nougat | Orange | Citrus 

Starting Price: $18.00/340g

Shipping: Domestic only


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