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ADJECTIVE - Informal for modern

NOUN - British (especially in the early 1960s), A young person of a subculture characterized by stylish dress, the riding of motor scooters, and a liking for soul music, dancing & coffee.

modcup was born in February 2013 and founded on the principles of freshly roasted coffee, and a love of good music. 

Their roasting philosophy is that the longer you roast coffee the more you eliminate its nuanced natural flavour and mask any defects the beans may have. With high quality coffee, lighter roasting is better and their goal is to introduce people around them to some truly unique and special tasting experiences. 

How many times have you tried coffee that tastes like peach tea?
Chocolate Liquors? Blueberry Pie?

modcup roasts on the lighter side of the spectrum in order to preserve the natural aromas and brightness of flavours that result from a combination of specific coffee plant varietals and the processing of the coffee cherry.


They roast with one aim; showcase a dynamic coffee experience; one that aims to showcase the fact that coffee is a fruit. 


The company’s first retail establishment was a converted hot dog cart that served coffee curb side in Hoboken, NJ; Google "modcup coffee cart" and you'll find the little cart that built the company. The company's first roaster was a 2 lb. mini drum barrel Ambex YM2 that was housed in a tiny garage on Jefferson Street in Jersey City. 

The company’s first coffee - a naturally processed Bali.

modcup now has 2 retail cafes, a 1969 Citreon coffee truck, and a 2000sq.ft cafe/roastery with a bigger 15 kilo commercial sized roaster.


Things may have changed in modcup's world since its inception, however its unwavering commitment to the following three principles have not;


[1] Coffee is a perishable product - once roasted you have a short window to grind brew and consume it if you want to taste its true flavour complexity. 

modcup refuses to sell any coffee 18 days after its roast date.

[2] Coffee is one of the most complex fruits on the planet - it has the potential to display double the flavour complexity of wine

modcup refuses to go the dark side - over roasting kills complexity and natural flavour - there are categorically no dark roasts in the mod world

[3] Coffee like music should be fun! Pretentious coffee like pretentious music should be avoided at all costs.

modcup likes it coffee like it likes its music full of soul; capable of energizing ones spirit and curiosity


Featured Roasts


Fruited and delicious, this is a very refined cup for a dry process making the flavour notes a lot easier to pick out, even for the casual drinker. The cup is loaded with complex fruited flavours like red raspberry, tart blueberry, mango, peach puree and strawberry Starburst candies. A black tea characteristic adds a tannic aspect to the mouthfeel, and one of the most surprising elements in the cup is the vibrant lemon flavour that shoots up through it all that is topped off with a delicate floral aroma that screams "Guji" coffee.

Region: Bensa, Sidama, Ethiopia 

Roast Type: Single Origin

Roast Level: Light

Variety: Landrace Heirloom

Altitude: 2200m

Process: Natural 

Tasting Notes: Blueberry | Starburst Candy

Starting Price: $25.00 USD/340g


They are extremely excited to release another extremely rare varietal from their producing partners at Cafe La Granja in Colombia. Accounting for just 1% of all the coffee grown in Colombia, the Tabi coffee plant is the very definition of a deep cut coffee. This coffee is thick and heavy on the tongue and a little boozy to boot. Like Brandywine centered dark chocolate fudges. It's out there and unlike anything you will have tasted. It is loved at modcup. This is a VERY LIMITED release. Get some while you can!

Region: Finca Potosi, Colombia

Roast Type: Single Origin

Roast Level: Medium

Variety: Tabi

Altitude: 1500 - 1800m

Process: Anaerobic Natural Process

Tasting Notes: Decadent Chocolate Fudge | Brandywine | Exotic

Starting Price: $25.00 USD/150g


The sweetness is striking on the first sip; honeycomb and brown sugar, giving way to leave behind orange zest and cacao notes that linger in the finish. It’s especially enjoyable as it cools, and makes a very nice single origin espresso in addition to a drip. At modcup the full immersion method of a French Press or an Areopress is the brew method for this coffee. This is a delicious option for those of you that have the sweet tooth.

Region: Bella Vista, Chiapas, Mexico 

Roast Type: Single Origin

Roast Level: Medium

Variety: Bourbon | Catimor | Typica | Caturra

Altitude: 1600-1700m

Process: Washed 

Tasting Notes: Chocolate | Caramel | Orange 

Starting Price: $25.00 USD/340g

Shipping: Domestic and International


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