Peaks is on a mission to meet people in their peaks and valleys, with coffee as their catalyst to build relationships and impact others. Their core belief is that life is about enjoying the peaks and enduring the valleys.

It was 2014 when Kelsey and Sam began to dream about creating a space to meet people in their peaks and valleys. It was out of this dream where Peak Coffee Co. became a reality. In October 2015 they began roasting coffee on a cast iron skillet in snowy Syracuse, New York. They began purchasing small lots of direct trade and sustainably sourced coffees from their favourite countries of origin, to roast, create memories and build a community. Even as a small company, Peaks made it a priority to visit Colombia, and create meaningful purchasing relationships.  

In 2015, Peaks decided to take a major step and open their first retail presence in Syracuse. With a small team of incredible baristas, one master roaster they began to foster wholesale relationships across the state. By moving into the wholesale business, Peaks can now meet you where you are. 

We all suffer from varying ranges of anxiety and depression. One of their biggest inspirations once told them that "Life is about enjoying the peaks and enduring the valleys."


Welcome to the climb, they Peaks Coffee Co., and they were built in the valleys.  

Featured Roasts


This is their signature blend. They crafted this coffee to shine a light in even the darkest valley. It's smooth, chocolaty, and a little fruity but balances well with milk. This is the coffee to meet us all in the peaks and valleys, and they hope it helps you through it all.

Region: Huila Colombia |Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Roast Type: Blend

Roast Level: Medium

Variety: Various

Altitude: 1300 - 1900m 

Process: Fully Washed |Dried on Raised African Beds

Tasting Notes: Balanced | Chocolate | citrus

Starting Price: $16.00 USD/340g


Jander Gabriel 4 hectare farm is located in the northern region of Mantiqueira de Minas. He worked on multiple farms over the years, studying agriculture from his Father and friends whose farms he worked on. Over the years he came to the realization he wanted his own land to plant and grow coffee. Jander Gabriel is passionate about coffee growing and this leads him to produce quality coffees with exceptional cup profiles.

Region: Mantiqueira de Minas, Brazil

Roast Type: Single Origin

Roast Level: Medium

Variety: Red Catuai

Altitude: 972m

Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate | Baked Apple | Caramel

Starting Price: $16.00 USD/340g


If you're looking for a coffee that's a little deeper than Mt. Climber, look no further. Peaks Coffee Co. take Trailblazer full speed ahead, right to second crack. It's deeply sweet with smokey undertones, darker stone fruits, and chocolate. If you like s'mores around a campfire, this one is for you. The specific lots of coffee that they bring in for this menu slot may change as the seasonality of coffee changes, but they love offering a coffee with this flavour profile, so you can expect to see something deeply sweet from South or Central America year-round!

Region: Acevedo, Colombia

Roast Type: Single Origin Blend

Roast Level: Dark

Variety: Caturra | Colombia | Castillo

Altitude: 1200-1800m

Process: Fully Washed 

Tasting Notes: Dark Stone Fruits | Burnt Sugars | Bittersweet Chocolate

Starting Price: $14.00 USD/340g

Shipping: Domestic only


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