Sweetleaf Coffee is the perfect blend of art and science. Sweetleaf was founded in 2008 by Rich Nieto, a Queens native who wanted to roast coffee that reflects New York City: diverse, sophisticated and decidedly unique. Great coffee isn't just consumed; it's experienced. At Sweetleaf, they are continually experimenting and refining to create a distinct experience that sets them apart.


Coffee can tantalize the senses and excite the palate. They play, sample and experiment with a full spectrum of flavours to create something extraordinary. They explore each coffee by testing different roast profiles and then methodically cupping each roast to record, understand and replicate the best characteristics inherent in the beans. With certain coffees, you may want to accentuate a buttery, full-bodied mouthfeel, whereas others may require being more fruit-forward with lingering acidity. Some may boast rich, sweet notes of chocolate and honey while others smack of juicy stone fruit and berries. Working with such a dynamic, flavourful product means the creative possibilities are endless.


In pursuit of the best coffee possible, Sweetleaf applies scientific discipline to their work as well. This means using data, metrics and a systematic production process for maximum consistency. They use refractometers to measure their coffee's TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), calibrate their espresso machines with profiles that achieve optimal extraction, use sophisticated software to compile roast metrics, integrate digital scales to standardize espresso shot servings and employ numerous other quality control measures along the way. Sweetleaf goes through all these steps to be able to replicate the perfect cup of coffee again and again.

Featured Roasts


The Single Origin Blend is a post-roast blend of Ethiopian, Colombian and Sumatran beans. They wanted to create something beautiful with varieties from all over the world to show that while we all come from a "single origin", we come together to make something fantastic!

Region: Colombia | Ethiopia | Sumatra

Roast Type: Blend

Roast Level: Light

Variety: Various 

Altitude: 1800m

Tasting Notes: Cola | Cherry | Cacao Nibs

Starting Price: $17.00 USD/300g


These beans have traveled thousands of miles and undergone a complex process to transform from the raw seeds of a coffee cherry into the specialty grade coffee beans in your hands. If you’re on a journey to find the American coffee palette, this is your cup. They took everything that people love about a classic cup of coffee and put their own specialty coffee spin on it. Smooth, rich, bold, sweet, the Easy Rider Blend is an instant crowd pleaser. Whether you’re entertaining the biggest coffee aficionado or a casual drinker, everyone will love this cup!

Region: Brazil | Colombia

Roast Type: Blend

Roast Level: Dark 

Variety: Various 

Altitude: 1100 - 1800m

Tasting Notes: Cocoa | Nutty

Starting Price: $16.00 USD/300g


At some of Ethiopia’s most extreme altitudes lies Guji’s Uraga region, a dense, mountainous forest that spans almost a thousand miles. Within this huge forest lie three smaller forests, and from these three forests—Yabitu Koba, Larcho Torka, and Harsu Haro—come some of the most extraordinary and sought-after coffees. Cup character is quintessential northern Guji: pure, clear fruit character along tartaric lines of white grape and white peach. Aged Oolong floral notes perfume the profile. The finish is incredibly long and sweet like Medjool Date.

Region: Uraga, Guji, Ethiopia 

Roast Type: Single Origin

Roast Level: Light

Variety: Ethiopia Landraces

Altitude: 2100 - 2300m

Tasting Notes: Raspberry | Caramel | Lilac

Starting Price: $18.00 USD/300g

Shipping: Domestic only


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