Windmill Coffee Roasters operate as a wholesale specialty coffee roaster hailing from Ames, IA. Born in 2017, they pull from decades of experience within their small team.


Windmill is learning. Learning about the realities of the farmers they work with. They could say that we know it all, but they don’t and they don’t think anyone does. Right now is an interesting time in the coffee industry and Windmill is doing their best to listen, to talk with their importers, to watch what their colleagues are doing, and to keep an open mind/heart. There is always something to learn and learning the nuts and bolts of their craft is near and dear to Windmill. 


They are building relationships. Windmill strive to be the best partner to their wholesale customers. They are nurturing relationships with the coffee producers. Building a strong, reliable, and consistent commitment to farmers is something they are serious about. Windmill has a few now, that they have built through a varied history in coffee, but they want more. Windmill hopes to work with the same farmers year in and year out. To do that they will also need strong, honest, and open lines of communication with importers. They are happy to say that they work with some really great companies. More importantly, work with some stellar people at these companies and Windmill is sure that they will help them get to where they want to go.


Finally, Windmill are just some good people from Iowa. They try to be nice, work hard, be honest, and spend time with their people.

Featured Roasts


Done right and proper. Yes Ma'am embodies everything they want their coffee to be. Combining washed coffee from Guatemala and natural coffee from Ethiopia they get clean, fragrant, and bright coffee. This cup is milk chocolate, caramel, with red fruit with a creamy & silky body. Made to please. Great for filter and incredible as espresso.

Region: Guatemala | Ethiopia

Roast Type: Blend

Roast Level: Medium

Process: Washed | Natural

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate | Berry | Silky

Starting Price: $17.00 USD/340g


This is their second season carrying coffee from the Solis family. Javier and Alfonso have a diverse farm full of fruit trees in addition to coffee. As their relationship has grown with the help of Selva coffee they are pleased to offer Cedral in washed, honey, and natural. The honey, is their staple - sweet, clean, and well balanced. This versatile coffee has notes of raspberry, chocolate, and a lingering sweetness.

Region: Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Roast Type: Single Origin

Roast Level: Light - Medium

Variety: Catuai

Altitude: 1900m

Process: Honey

Tasting Notes: Raspberry | Chocolate | Lingering Sweetness

Starting Price: $19.50 USD/340g


In 2012, Anny Ruth took over operations at Loma La Gloria from her father and has built a business shipping high quality coffees globally. LLG is known for producing high quality natural and honey coffees, with supreme sweetness, consistency, and clarity. This is their second season working with Anny - and they are thrilled. Her coffee has been a hit with Windmill customers since it arrived. You can count on a sweet, floral, and well balanced cup.

Region: El Bálsamo Quetzaltepec, El Salvador 

Roast Type: Single Origin

Roast Level: Light

Variety: Red Bourbon 

Altitude: 1500m

Process: Red Honey

Tasting Notes: Peach | Honey | Lavender | Chocolate

Starting Price: $19.50 USD/340g

Shipping: Domestic only


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